Ride Details

Ride Camp


The lovely Black Prong Equestrian Village will be hosting the Goethe Benefit ride.  Location is 450 South County Road 337 in Morriston.  Riders will ride the adjacent Goethe Forest Black Prong trails.

Note: No glass bottles or containers!



Same as last year, delicious meals provided as a fundraiser by Levy Animal Friends.  Ride fee includes pasta dinner on Friday evening, and riders can request a vegetarian meal while in line; no price adjustments for no dinner.  Fee-based food service available on Friday afternoon and until mid-afternoon on Saturday (and yes, that includes coffee on Saturday morning!).  

Morning Vet-ins


Morning vet-ins are okay!  Please come by late afternoon on Friday pick up your registration, set up your crewing area, enjoy dinner, and attend the ride meeting.  On Saturday morning, arrive onsite one hour before your scheduled ride time to vet in



Ride Camp features real bathrooms and showers!   Plenty of horse water; lots of spigots throughout the grounds. 30/50 amp hookups, paddocks, stalls and apartments are available for a fee.  Ride registration includes Friday arrival, primitive camping for rider and horse being ridden on Saturday, and Saturday departure.  Primitive campers may run generators during day hours and set up temporary corrals.



Ride is sanctioned with AERC, SEDRA and SERA.  Awards will be given for Top 10, BC, high vet score and turtle.  



The LD and intro rides are barefoot friendly; hoof protection is recommended for the 50s.  Trails are looking pretty darn good!  All vet checks in camp; no crewing on trail.

11-mile intro = 1 loop; 25 = 2 loops; 50 = 3 loops



All riders (both children and adults!) must wear helmets when mounted.  No exceptions.



Stalls will be available for $22.   A portable barn will be erected in the next few weeks, and the newly-remodeled 20-stall barn is just over the hill.  You must bring your own shavings and broom clean your stall before leaving.   



Paddocks will be available for $22.  There are 22 paddocks in total near the camping/vetting area.  Paddocks are about 60'x60' and have a spigot at or very near each paddock.  Same price whether 1 or 2 horses (but not 3!) in a paddock.

Bring Your Muck Buckets


Riders are responsible for horse cleanup, so bring a muck bucket and fork.

Electrical Hookups


Plenty of electrical hookups are available.  Cost is $50 and includes a paddock for 1 or 2 horses as horses cannot be corralled near your trailer overnight.  No stakes in the ground near hookups.  Of course, you can saddle your horse near your trailer.



Dogs are welcome too but must be on a leash at all times, except you can let them loose in the new doggie corral.  Also, you must clean up after your dog.  

Black Prong Equestrian Village


Contact Black Prong Equestrian Village at (352) 486-1234 for:

- Arrivals before Friday, December 13th, including hookups, horse grounds fees, paddocks, and stalls

- Departures after Saturday, December 14th, including hookups, horse and grounds fees, paddocks, and stalls

- All apartment rentals (they're gorgeous!)

Note: Any horses and/or trailers brought onsite before Friday, December 13th, or departing after Saturday, December 14th, must pay for all services consumed directly to Black Prong. 

Please see: https://www.blackprong.com/accommodations-1

Note: Ride registration covers horse being ridden and primitive camping for Friday arrival and Saturday departure.  Paddocks, stalls, and electrical hookups for Friday night only should be reserved on the registration form.