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Benefit Ride for Goethe State Forest

December 14, 2019

About Goethe Benefit Ride

Ride Management

Ride Manager: Jo Harder

Timer: Carol Thompson

Pulse Box: Susan Kasemeyer

Vets: Bob Marshall, Kristi Fox, & Amanda McCleery

Trail Manager: Lori Shifflett

Photographer: Maria Phillips



This is the 22nd year of this ride!  Helen Koehler managed the ride for the first 20 years.  

Thank you, Helen!

The Mission


This is a fundraiser for the Goethe State Forest.  Sweat equity will be donated to Goethe State Forest as part of a trail workday on Friday, December 6th, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon at Black Prong trailhead.  All monies raised from this event will be donated to Goethe State Forest.  


Friday 12/13/2019

Arrive at Camp

Event Details

Friday 12/13/2019

Arrive at Camp


10:00 AM: Riders may start arriving

2:30 PM: Registration opens

3:00 PM: Vetting starts

5:30 PM: Vetting ends

6:00 PM: Dinner (included with ride entry)

6:30 PM: Ride meeting

10:00 Generators off

Saturday 12/14/2019

Ride Day

Event Details

Saturday 12/14/2019

Ride Day


5:00 AM: Generators on

6:00 AM: Coffee and breakfast available for purchase

7:00 AM: 50s start

7:30 AM: 25s start

8:30 AM: Intros start  

2:30 PM: Awards for Intros and 25s

7:00 PM: Awards for 50s

Note: Food will be available for purchase from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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